Our collection process is Hassle free. It is designed to be convenient for the customer and as labor free as possible!

Our Company provides many different size boxes for your convenience.

A Gaylord: This box has to be kept inside out of the weather, that is a 4′ long  x 3.5′ wide x 4′ high.

The Outside Box: Is a popular and efficient box because it can be kept outside and save you space,  this one is also  4′ long x 3.5′ wide x 4′ high this box is made of plastic and can be kept outside in any kind of the weather.

The Black Box: This box is larger than the outside box which can also be kept outside it’s 8′ L x 3.5′ wide x 4′ high.

The Oversized Black Box: This is the next size up which many manufacturers use and like because of their CNC machines is 8.33′ L x 4.33′ w x 4′ h

We can also make custom boxes depending on the client’s needs the latest custom size box we made was 8 foot long  x 8 feet wide x 4 feet high this box is called a Super sized Black Box.

We also can provide Small Utility trailers custom built which isn’t too large and can be easily moved with a forklift by the client.  Being able to move it with ease for certain projects makes this Small Utility trailer perfect for any small project, all you have to do is throw the mixture of scraps into the trailer and we separate everything.

If you have any questions about our services, or would like to begin recycling your product, please give us a call and start turning your waste into cash $$.

Office number: (352) 620-8263